The company "Tzigas SA" started in the form of an individual company in 1981 by the current President of the company Evangelos Tzigas, who was a truck driver.
Since then, the company has evolved into today's group with a remarkable range of professional activities, with increased customer base and expanded workload.
The group has three companies active in the field of transportation and storage. More specifically, the transport company "Tzigas S.A." has expanded into the field of national road transport with a large privately owned fleet of trucks. The company owns its own facilities at the Industrial Area of Sindos where it is housed. However, the group has recently expanded into international transport, thus creating V.T. COMPANY GR LTD.

Furthermore, the Group operates in the Logistics area with two suitably housed, fully technological warehouses with specialized personnel. As a consequence of these efforts, the Group of companies "Tzigas S.A." has expanded in the field of depot container, allocating the most sophisticated and technologically excellent facilities in the Kalochori area of Thessaloniki.

Throughout these years of creation the company managed to cope with the competition and create a strong name in its field. In total, the Group has 30 staff and many external partners. Tzigas S.A. succeeded in gaining the credibility, respect and success of its customers on the basis of its experience and know-how.